Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunshine and summertime!

that's the way we do it
new friends and blue skies that never end
that's the way we like it
good times
sunshine and summertime!

summer is finally here! although we enjoyed a bit of rain this morning, we are well on our way to bright sun, all day long.
I've missed the feel of warmth.
I've missed the smell of fresh cut grass.
I've missed the taste of otter pops.
I've missed the company of old friends.
Summer, let the good times roll!

with summer here that also meant some sad goodbyes.
Goodbye to finals
Goodbye to Logan (for a couple weeks at least)
Goodbye to pineview #28 (best apartment around)
Goodbye to roommates :(
Goodbye to new friends
although I am going to miss all of these things like CRAZY this summer, I am very fortunate to be living with my roommates again in the fall, moving back to breath taking beautiful Logan soon, and taking kamas trips every now in then within the next 4 months. I can't live without those girls. Saying goodbye to new friends I made up there at USU was impossibly difficult. but like Jason said, you don't have to say goodbye forever; friendships are eternal. I'm proud to say I know that is true! :)
...but still.. HELLO SUMMER! :)


  1. Kij, my dearest. . . love your blog. :) and the cute pics. I miss you. and sade. and caitlin. and flin. and sian. and candace. and huss. and hay. and linds. I miss you all... hopefully i'm going to be coming to bountiful sometime this week to say goodbye to sian again. I'll stop by and see you too. :) oh yeah and could you please email me those pics that you took the last couple weeks? thanks dearest.

  2. hey! I know Sian... she is a good kid