Thursday, May 28, 2009

seems questionable to me..

about my latest post.. It's still in question, especially after talking with the parentals last night and this morning.

USU for fall?
cut the crap and go sing on the street corner to earn money and hopefully be found by some major high rolling record signer...

my answer;

do both.
USU for the fall pros:
I can always finish up my 2nd part of chemistry
live with the greatest girls
party like a rockstar
work the corners (singing, you pervs)
It doesn't feel wrong; I would still live great
finish up my NA at the BATC
live on my own
i'd be happier knowing I were with friends
credit transferring, long story but earning the couple of extra credits this fall would actually cut down my costs at weber.

USU for the fall cons:
job? we're not sure..
tuition costs
student fees
might be harder to sell contract at semester

more confused than ever, although. I dreampt upon it all last night. and called Weber this morning, with more information it now seems as if USU is a very likely possibility. at least for the fall. Now I know you're all thinking, "You got your answer and you're being selfish now." My dear friends, that is not that case I believe. My mother said answers can change due to the time and circumstances that you are in. Things changed a lot from last night to today. I feel confused. But I still feel at ease with USU right now. is this a sign? I'm not sure.

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