Sunday, April 26, 2009

another one gone..

Well there goes another one of my boys. My little boys that I've grown up with for the past 5 years or so. Elder Josh Klein had his farewell today and might I add, he did incredible! I can tell he's ready to go out and serve our Lord with all his heart, might, mind, and strength. I've loved getting to know Kleiner of the years and I have learned a lot from him, like I really am hysterical when I say "Happy Birthday" like Gus Gus does on Cinderella. Klein is one of the most humorous people I've met in my life. He never fails to make you smile and honestly laugh out loud. He is a wonderful son of God and he knows that. He knows this gospel so incredibly well, I'm kind of envious. I'm so excited for him to go to Germany where his family is actually from and teach of the happiness that we all share and know.
While at his house eating food Kate, Britny, Klein, Kmetzsch, Jana, and myself all had a good reminsing session talking about all the funny things that happened in madrigals and over the years. It was so good to laugh with all of them again and I know that no matter what happens, we'll always be friends and have those memories to push us through anything. So here's to you Klein! Best of luck buddy! and "Happy Birthday" :)

This weekend I also had the chance to catch up on some good times with my dear friend Taylor Davies. We went to the ReAL game and I wanted to scream! It was insane!! At half time it was 0-0. by the end of the game ReAL made some magic and pulled off a 6-0 win! ah, it was beautiful! Mathis, (even though he's rather old..) made a SICK shot off a corner kick. He was standing at the far post goal box corner and took it out of the air and nailed it into the back of the net. It was incredibly beautiful:) ah, I love soccer. After the game we went back to taylors house and played with his family. By the way, I'm marrying into the Davies family mostly for his parents, Bill and Shelly. Shelly is an outstanding woman who never ever stops working. She seriously works herself to the bone even when she doesn't need to. She's incredible!! Megan (taylor's sister) just had a baby girl about 8 weeks ago and she's gorgeous. Tay and I played with her for while which allowed Megan and Shelly to get the house ready for the babyshower the next day. The Davies are phenomenal people. If you haven't met them, you need to. You don't fully live until you get to know their family. They're simply great!

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