Thursday, May 14, 2009

My wisdom will soon be taken from me.

yes, You read me. My wisdom will be gone. I'm quite nervous to be honest. Although everyone survives getting their wisdom teeth out, there is something inside putting the thought "what if I'm the exception and die or get seriously ill from this". All I know is next thursday is coming way too fast. I don't think it's the initial surgery that scares me, although I am terrified of needles and IV, I'll have to get over that one going into medical and all, but it's more the recovery. I hear "you'll only be sore for a couple weeks, it doesn't hurt that bad." Yeah. a couple weeks is a couple weeks too long. I have things to do with my life during those couple of weeks, especially the first couple days after surgery. I can't just lay down and relax and not do anything.. I need to play tennis. I need to go running. I need to sing my little heart out. I need to do anything but what I'll be doing. Sigh.

I just hope you will all remember me and all the good deeds I did in this world if I do end up dying next Thursday. I love you all, God be with you.. and me. Goodbye team.

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