Saturday, May 30, 2009

heavenly messages

I love days when you drive slow for no reason but to thoroughly embrace your surroundings.
When someone cuts you off while driving but instead of getting upset, honking your horn, and using colorful words you simply smile and say "they must be in a hurry"
When you drive past the temple and see what seems to be thousands of family and friends gathering in support and happiness about the beginning of an eternal family. Where best friends are sealed together for time and all eternity
I love days when you have random bursts of energy and take it out by dancing around your kitchen
when you don't get ready all day long and don't care how gross you look
when nothing seems to get on your nerves. Not even when your father eats your ice cream that boldly states that it is yours and only yours on the lid
when you really notice how god blesses you in simple little ways
when you really realize how remarkable life really is
I love days like today
whoever knew that temples had mailboxes?!? I sure didn't
I guess you do learn new things everyday..

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  1. So, I realize this is a very late comment. But I was bored today and I was looking through your blog and I found this. It's beautiful. :) Also, I heart your face!