Thursday, May 21, 2009

there's always going to be an up hill battle.

I've defiantly learned this the hard way this week. No bueno. It's been a rough week for many different reasons
- I lost 3 of my very best friends this week to missions. Although, I shouldn't complain because I'm terribly excited for them. Kmetzsch, Taylor, and Kasper.. I love you boys! a lot.
- On top of being down and depressed about friends leaving and growing up, I had to get my wisdom teeth out today. I had been dreading it all. week. long. and low and behold it came today
Good news is, I don't remember a thing. I remember laying on the surgery table and being ambushed by two nurses with heart monitors, straps on my wrists and across my body to keep me from "rolling over" (I strongly believe it was to keep me from getting up and running away), checking my blood pressure, and the only awaited IV. I don't remember the IV being put into me really. Once they had strapped me onto the bed, I knew there was no turning back anyways. I remember the nurse telling me to pump my fist so she could give me the IV, then a little pinch, and then I remember waking up in the recovery room.. nothing else was in my brain. It was quite weird. I enjoyed it though. haha yes, enjoyed it. Today hasn't been too bad with pain because mama lamb has taken incredible care of me by switching my gauze, getting me my gourmet food that consists of apple sauce, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, and apple juice. We'll see what tomorrow brings though. I'm going to be pretty sore, or so I hear. 3 out of 4 of my wisdom teeth were impacted. awesome. I know. so come visit?? I've been pretty bored today.. or at least call me or something. Who knows. I might entertain you. Jordan Juarez came over today about 7 minutes after I got home from the hospital, and I do not remember him coming whatsoever. Mama Lamb stated that he took pictures and video to prove it. Lovely.. I don't know what else I said to anyone, so I deeply apologize..
-and on top of this lovely mishap.. we found out that my mom's mother, grandma bryson, was rushed to the ER wendesday night out of the blue do to a stroke. Yeah, it hasn't been the best week, let's just say that much.
- But all in all, things have got to look up from here, right? I mean, I do have amazing family that takes care of me, incredible friends that bring me ice cream and a movie. I really do just love life. It's just unfortunate that I had so many sad/stressful things that have happened to me this week. But I shouldn't be complaining.

"strength isn't something you're born with, it's something you find." -Emma Smith

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