Tuesday, June 9, 2009

and I still shed a tear every once and a while..

Taylor and I have been really really good friends since about the 8th grade. I look up to him so much and he continues to bless me life. We were officers together in 9th grade and I'm surprised he survived once Noelle and i got a hold of him. Noelle would stick skittles up her nose and shoot them at taylor, without him knowing he just thought we threw them at him, so he ate it. And he almost died while drinking his drink at Robintions when noelle and I attacked him with the blowfish face. He's wonderful. and I'm glad we didn't kill him :)

Meet the beer belly chadd. I remember talking to Philip early fall semester and him saying chadd had developed a so called "beer belly" since they have started school. I didn't believe him and low and behold.. Chadd sure had put on some weight, but seemed to have embraced it by this picture. he said it was easier to keep his drink on his stomach now that he had a little extra to live with. Bless him.. Bless. him.

I miss nathan princess kasparian. He's wonderful.

Kmetzsch is just so cute, and such a trooper to go to angels and demons with three girls and him. He loved it though.

Wow! I miss philip a lot. He became one of my best friends. We had a strong bond through our crushes on Michael Buble. haha.

I will always love stephen, even when he lied to Katie Cutler and i about a girl named "Fi Fi" that he was in love with. He claimed that fi fi meant swift river. Little did he know, katie and I got him back by making up a man named "Fo Fo" meaning big rock. Oh you gotta love jr. high memories.

HAHA! i LOVE brian steven simmons. He's honestly the greatest person there is. If you know him, I'm sure you can't help but agree. He is such a strong spirited guy and knows how to make anyone crack a smile! Between his "I'll decide" and "that's plenty of time to make a baby!", brian quotes often find a way out of my mouth to this day without even realizing.

Adam and Douglas. They're cute together, don't you think? Doug was trying the new "butt crack" look while adam was attempting to be Link off of hairspray.

Oh landon is so great! There are times I defiantly didn't give him enough credit. But I truly admire him for the way he lives his life. He's incredible.

I just love Kendall. That's really all there is to it. I love everything about him. haha.

And dearest dereck. Poor guy. Stacie and I nearly embarrassed him to death when we sang "7 things" by miley to him in front of all the people at the YSA campout. It was a grand ol' time. Huh stac? haha.

I'm so proud of all these boys and miss them dearly. They're wonderful and always full of surprises. I challenge everyone to write on of these boys they haven't heard from in a while, I know they appreciate it a lot. It gives them extra motivation and encouragement. Even a little "hello" makes their day!:)

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  1. kj! it's me jody! :) i freeking loved this post! yay for missionaries! and the picture of doug and dereck made me laugh SO hard! love you!