Saturday, December 5, 2009


this feeling I'm under. The stress. The cold. Anxiety. Excitement. Annoyance. It seems all too familiar. You want to know why? Cause I feel like it was finals for spring semester. And here I am again.. doing the same retinue.

-7:03 alarm goes off
-moan on the thought of getting out of bed
-turn off alarm
-lay in bed thinking "10 more minutes"...please..
-think about what I need to do that day
-think about how cold it'll be walking up the hill
-still thinking about those 10 more minutes I so desperately want

And then I think of FINALS! Stress comes very easily to be when I think of Finals. and how I should have been studying forever ago. But let's be honest, that doesn't happen. You've got other things to do! Like eat food, other assignments in classes, catch up on the latest boy gossip in the apartment, watch prison break(don't watch it until you know you have time to finish all the disks..seriously though.)

But then I think, the only way I get through that thought of unbearable stress is being able to come home to an apartment of incredible girls who are my best friends. We all know what everyone is going through, and always know just what to say. Even if it's a simple "Hey! How was your day!?" from Flin or a good boy story from Nicole. Even when Amber and I yell at each other, it makes my day.(gets my stress out too) And when you can hear Candace entering the door before she even gets to the top of the stairs. When Sade plays her music. I love them.

I'm so immensely grateful for the friendships we've made since living together. I can't see my life without any of these girls and it's going to be sad when two of them leave next week. So I guess I'll just take a moment and share my thoughts about them..


wow. I knew she was put into my life for a reason when some of my best friends from high school found out that she was my roommate. She had met them doing Close Up in DC. Once Chitty and Brian found out that we'd be living together, that's all they'd talk about. They told me she was the most caring, friendly, down to earth person they've met and, they were right. Candace has changed my life and it'll be incredibly sad she won't be around to break any and all silences that are in our apartment. (the few times there are silences, she will undoubtedly be the one to break them) I've loved her from the moment I heard about her. This year has been bomb between us. I love her laugh, I love her yelling. I love it when she's completely out of control when she doesn't want to go to class and I also love that she ditches class now! I love that she puts up with my slight Michael Buble obsession and will listen to him and sing along. She's one of my best friends. We both share a great love for music and recently "Breathe" from Taylor Swift became one of our songs. She's an amazing musician and I admire her for her talents. She's brilliant and self-less. Her smile is contagious and I love her hugs. As you can see I could go on and on about her. Those of you who know Rascal know what I'm talking about. You couldn't get a better roommate than her. I love you Rascal! Come home soon.. :)



I love this girl. She's so sweet and funny and so patient. Weird thing is, she won't be back. She's graduating. Done and Gone. Plus Brandon stole her from us (we're still bitter about this one) Although I feel like I haven't had a lot of interaction with Sade this semester between her being gone with Brandon or sitting in her room studying and talking to Brandon, haha, I'm still completely grateful she's roommates with us. I had the best time last year sharing a room with this amazing woman and it's weird to not have her around as much. I miss it. I know she'll be very happy in life with the things that are ahead of her and I wish her the best of luck. She's beautiful and smart. I mean, seriously.. She's graduating college at age 19. Insane. But she's wonderful! Logan won't be the same without you.

I'm going to miss these girls so much and the more I think about it the more sad I get. Which can't happen right now! Bleh! I have FINALS to worry about!

FINALS- Frick I Never Actually Learned this Stuff...

so true..

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