Monday, December 7, 2009


Being in the library for the past almost 4 hours really gets me thinking about a few things...

Talking... One of my biggest peeves about the Library. I come to the library to get away from the talking so I can concentrate. At times I want to turn around to those who obviously have never learned or heard about how to whisper, and tell them to go read what the sign states as they walk into the area people are so frantically flipping through pages trying to cram before a very important final. It boldy states,


really? really.. the nerve of some people. I bet they wouldn't like it to much if I pulled out my cell phone and called one of my good friends only to carry on a 20+ minute conversation catching up on all the latest and greatest gossip that has happened since we've last talked. Like about the cute new man you said hi to on your way home from campus, or the weird PDA you see at basketball games (which is a whole different story, but some people gross me out. Don't be awkwardly holding each other while you are supposed to be cheering. Especially when you are fortunate enough to be on the very front row at a basketball game. People don't want to see that. Cheer gosh dang it! You know, the kind of cheering where you lose your voice and your legs burn from all that jumping up and down. The cheering where you try your darnedest to hold in those words your mother would go get the soap for. Not holding each other. Do that on your own time. And not in the Spectrum, Please. That is Holy ground.) Seriously people...

My other pet peeve about the Library...when people don't follow the diagonal rule for tables. I don't want to sit across from you, so why did you insist on sitting directly in front of me. I mean, I know I'm good-looking and all.. but we all know this causes for awkward stares and a glimpse at yours and my homework and studying materials. So let's just eliminate a potentially awkward study time and sit diagonally from each other please. Thank you.

I apologize for my uneasiness about these previously discussed subjects. I feel it has gone on long enough. Maybe I'm uptight because I'm cold from sitting by the window. It could be because I'm hungry and don't have the motivation to study anymore. Or maybe it's because of those few (and quickly multiplying) people that seem to have no common courtesy.

I like to believe it's the last one.


  1. I'm glad you are blogging again. I've missed you. A lot.

  2. I love being held at sports games, whether I'm in the front row or very back! It makes the game so much more enjoyable, especially with the sweet "celebration" over a win afterwards.

  3. Being held is fine at sports games, just not awkwardly like this one couple in front of me was. I was about to gag. Granted, they are in love.. but they were an awkward couple.