Thursday, December 17, 2009


So... I miss this:

I miss..
the people,
the sectionals,
the songs,
the heart melting harmonies,
the support,
the comfort,
the theory,
the inside jokes,
when Ms. M would swear,
when Twitchell missed his solo. twice.
the insane amount of Christmas concerts,
the laughter,
the car rides to performances,
the mis-haps of performances,
when people showed up late, very late to a concert,
the sharing of tick-tacks, gum, and cheese-its,
the art of jumping off the chairs during AP week...

I miss Britny dancing alone.
I miss the unity we all had, almost like a quilt.
I miss dancing in those dresses.
I miss, at times, the annoyance of others.
I miss New York.
I miss being good at singing.
I miss singing for others.
I miss the womans dressing room.
(i'm not gay, I promise)
I miss chewing gum in choir and getting away with it.

I do NOT miss:
the beat boxing from the boys,
the tapping of my chair from behind,
or the high-fives.

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