Monday, November 23, 2009

some serious confessions..

I figured it's about time I confess some things to you all. Some of these might come as a total shock to some of you, and to others it will come as a complete annoyance. But quite frankly, I just don't care. Just hear me out.. a'ight? Ok. Here it goes
Confession #1.
I have a crush on Michael Buble. The way he sings me sweet sweet nothings when I fall asleep, the way he can always make my day. Including when I had the day from Satan's house (yes people. Sa-Tan) and how I may or may not have shed a tear or two when I found out that he is coming to grace me with his incredibly good-looking presence in SLC on March 31... Oh what I magical day that was! Huss actually talked to him the other day. I'll post what he said to her...

Marissa Floodman to Kjarinda Lambert:

So I was talking to Micheal the other day and of course I asked about you and how things are going and he just got this sparkle in his eye and went off about how he can hear your heartbeat for a thousand miles and that the heavens open up everytime you smile. That when he comes to you, its just where he belongs, and yet he is running to you like a river sung. Then he went off about how you give him this crazy love, lots of love. That you have a fine sense of humor when he is feeling low down, and when he comes to you, when the sun goes down, you take away his trouble and griefs. Then he just started talking about that crazy love stuff again. You are so lucky, he really likes you, and gets all metaphorical when he talks about you. kind of creeps me out, but it was pretty. He just really wants to curl his arms around you and kiss you hard. so cute. im so jealous.

Michael is such a sweet guy and I probably don't deserve him, But I'm not going to pass up this offer! :) I love you too Michael!

Confession #2:
I owe everything in my life to this one thing. Shoe Traction. Without this blissful sturdiness my life would be an embarrassment and very nonfunctional. So thank you shoes. Thank. you.

Confession #3:
I look forward for when I get to tuck Skrat, amber, into bed. She's just so peaceful and considerate and likes to inform me that she loves me when I'm walking out the door. But of course it catches me off guard and I just say.. uh.. I'll see ya. But I think she knows I secretly love her too.

Confession #4:
The Grinch is my hero. His change of heart makes me want to be a better person.

Confession #5:
One of the biggest reasons I'm still at USU is for Aggie Basketball. And my roommates.

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