Monday, December 21, 2009

I can hear the bells

...Christmas bells, that is.
Christmas is Friday and I can't even wait! I love Christmas! If you didn't already know that from my obsession with Christmas music and decorations then there's seriously something wrong with you.
GC #6 has been celebrating Christmas for a while now. Our apartment was/is the best decorated apartment in probably all of Logan City. Joseph brought great joy and light into our humble abode and then he shortly died from "faintness". He got to the point where he couldn't stand up on his own or with the help of handy dandy tape. This is when we knew we needed to let him go and put him out of his misery.
In honor of Joseph, the greatest Christmas tree we've ever had, we cremated him and hung some of this remains (the lights) around the room and a branch in Santa's pants. He will always be remembered has the most handsome tree to live in GC #6.

in honor of Joseph

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  1. Long live Joseph!! And good tidings to his son, Joseph Junior Ezekiel Israelson, aka "JJ" :]