Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new years

I figured I should stop procrastinating, and write down my goals for this next year...
maybe procrastination should be one to eliminate.

This year I will:
-run another half marathon
-get a 4.0
-forgive easier
-go to Hawaii (already planned!)
-study the Bible 5 times a week
-read the Book of Mormon 20 minutes, every day
-attend the temple 2 times a month
-"act, don't be acted upon"
-finish my CD
-be smarter with my money by eliminating eating out and things I really don't need
-be happier with me
-read more books!
-scuba dive in Hawaii
-be more like Madeline


  1. Kjarinda! I am so flattered. And I like this list. I should write one of my own. Also, isn't lilo and stitch sad? If you make me cry so help me...

  2. I miss you! And I want a copy of your cd because I think you're fantastic!