Tuesday, January 10, 2012

clearly insane

So I work until Midnight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays..
this may mean you bloggers will read more of me.

As I'm sitting here, at 9:45, I'm already thinking about how tired I am..
then I think about 7:30 running
and classes
then Insanity.
yes, insanity

Insanity will be good for me. I had a pretty hard fall semester in a lot of different aspects. I hate admitting this, but I'm pretty sure I gained 10-15 pounds last semester because of the stress and everything else going on in my life. A big part of that was my knee has been messed up and I've been seeing a Physical Therapist to help me strengthen it and teach me things I can do on my own. Which has helped. But I'm so ready to get back into running again!!

Taneesa, my new roommate, and I will be starting our adventure tomorrow with the insanity program. It sounds all fun and games! 60 days. Rockin bod after.
But then I read some of the things today about it, and boy. It's gonna be insane, literally.
I have done it once or twice before, but I can't even comprehend 60 days!!

But on top of that, I have a dynamic fitness lab at 7:30am MWF and a Pilates class TR. And training for another half marathon in the mix of those.
So I better look like Jillian Michaels after this semester is over! Just without the tattoos.

I can only hope to look that happy working out. ha.

any words of affirmation or encouragement?

Cause this very well could be the last chance you have.
After all, insanity starts tomorrow and I can only pray I don't die in the first couple days.

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  1. You go girl!! You're much more committed to exercise than me, wow! You'll totally have a rockin bod after all that.