Monday, January 9, 2012

and the po-po shut us down.

I moved back up to Logan on Wednesday. Driving to pick up my key at my managers house. Had a friendly, really, encounter with a nice police officer.
it went a little something like this...

**rolling down my window**
O: did you know why I pulled you over?
Me: No actually, I really don't.
O: do you know what the speed limit is on this road?
Me: Not really, I don't drive over here ever. I'm guessing 35?
O: No, it's actually 30. Can I see your license and registration?

**in the mean while, trying to get my registration and insurance card from the glove box was a little tricky. I had a friend in my jammed packed car holding my brand new baby, Hugh Taylor. (a guitar). The officer made a little joke about it, which surly lightened the situation at hand.**

O: I see you have a lot of stuff in your car, are you moving up here?
Me: Yeah actually. I'm just on my way to pick up my key from my manger right now.
O: Oh that's exciting. Are you in a hurry?
Me: Ha, a little bit.

**I hand him my registration, license and proof of insurance**

O: do you have a more up to date insurance card? This one has expired..
Me: Oh man, really? No I don't.
O: Ok, well I'll be back.

**we waited in the car for what seemed like forever.. then I saw Officer coming back**

O: Ok, well I'm going to give you a warning even though you were going 14 over. So you can keep this yellow paper, hang it on your wall, do whatever you want with it. As for your insurance card, just make sure you always have an up to date one with you.. And is this your current address?
Me: Yeah, well my home address.
O: Ok, well by law you have to change your address if you move.. and you have 10 days to do that. Consider that a friendly reminder as well.

Say Whaaaat?? Changing your address?? I had never heard that before.. ever. But Mr. Officer was really kind to me. And it just became a funny situation. Although, we did add 15 extra minutes to our trip back to my apartment because you better believe we were avoiding that road like the plague.

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  1. Dude, I wonder if that's the same cop who pulled me over. Same thing - thought it was 35, was going 37 but it was a 25. Then he saw my Wyoming plates and assumed I'd just moved here. He gave me a warning an told me to hang it on the wall. Haha