Tuesday, January 24, 2012

must be that time again...

..test time

It's the only time I blog.
For some reason I find it easy to blog when I have other things to do.
Do any of you feel like that?

So a few random happenings lately in my life:
-too much fitness going on, although I should be grateful. I just pray I don't ware down my body before the semester ends
-beyonce. Yep. She's been coming around a lot lately
-new CD by ingrid, who literally spoke the words I needed to hear today to get out of bed
-guitaring--with this, I've been thinking about making a youtube channel, or at least posting some videos on here. Problem being, there is nothing more awkward than me in front of a camera. Especially singing to it. So this will need some convincing.

I ran into one of my best friends from high school on sunday. It was dreamy. I've missed her. She's also one that's graduated from single-hood and is making a new chapter in her life. But she's wonderful.

in the meanwhile, please enjoy this video of my dad. He's funny, sometimes.

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