Thursday, September 8, 2011

Theater, what an ordeal.

Ok, I want to go back.

Remember that one summer that I totally disappeared? Yeah, I do. I was way to busy meeting real life friends at EFY and then spending a week in Disneyland. Funny thing being, I only really knew 2 of the 7 I went with really well. Then 3 I worked with my last week of EFY and the other 2 I had no idea who they were. Needless to say, Disney is where the magic happens. We have all become the best of friends. Pinterest groupies to be exact, and still spend everyday together.

Six Flags, Wowzaa! So much fun! Long lines, but worth the wait.

Candwhich. Who would have thought. Sandwhich in a can.

Jealous much? That's right. We play pogs. On campus. In the middle of the Quad on a busy day. People sure did have envious looks as the walked past.

I love my friends

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  1. I seriously am so in love with us. Who needs marriage? Let's just be the five of us forever.