Monday, September 19, 2011

look at me now, look at me now....

....I'm getting paper.
I'm currently working in the SciTec, retrieving print outs for people. I really do love my job. I get to blog stalk all the day long and not worry about doing homework (because it's between the hours of 9 and 3) It's nice. I work with great people and Gary, our boss, is hysterical and so great!

Anyways.. Yesterday was a great day. Do you ever feel so refreshed after a good Sunday? That's how I felt yesterday. I ended up going down to Centerville to attend a fireside by these
4 men. and boy, was it great!
I was reminded of so many different things in my life that I know I've needed to work on but just haven't had the motivation or courage to do so..until last night. Tolerance and Truth.
(remember Elder Oaks CES broadcast last week?)

We must not be Tolerant with ourselves when we are compromising our way to live to be more of the world. The way we live the standards should never be less than what the Brethren have stated. We should not tolerate living close to the line nor tolerate things we know aren't the best thing to be doing, watching, or listening to. This is something I think everyone has room to grow in. That is one thing I love so much about this Church is that we have that chance to change. And we should thank The Lord for that, every day.

lyrics from your one and only:

dear Lord, are you there?
Have you heard and felt my aching prayer
please, please send peace
I've found myself back on my knees
as I plead for strength and comfort now,
will you help me rise above the crowd?
I need thee
Oh, I need thee
every day I'll come to thee

He is where my strength comes from. He is where motivation pushes me to become something better than I could imagine.

He truly is The One.

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  1. I totally agree. I need to be so much better! And those lyrics are beautiful.