Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's that time again


There is something about being in the Library that literally makes me go insane and tests my patience. People don't know how to be quiet. I feel that I have come a long ways from last fall finals in the sense that maybe I'm a lot more patient than I used to be. And more kind.
I find that true in every situation but one...
when I'm trying to study.. I'm trying to study.
That in itself is a huge deal. I come to the Library to get away from distractions of roommates, Christmas lights, my guitar, playing with paperclips, and any other possible thing I can find that will take my mind away from the things I should be trying to accomplish.
But alas, there are those few people who find it alright to sit and talk in the quiet study area.
As much as I'm sure I would love you if I got to know you.. I don't exactly care about your dating drama, (successes...maybe. But drama, No) you complaining about how hard your life is because you have two finals on the same day, or how you have no clean clothes nor any food.

So, with that being said.. If you want me to stay nice and mostly pleasant during this week of heck, you will quietly leave the premises and go find somewhere else to talk.
Because after all, I don't think you understand... I have 3 finals in two days.

Thank you

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  1. hahahahaha. paper clips? really, kij? that's hilarious... and i don't think YOU understand,i have 5 finals!! bahahaha.