Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ode to.....

Nicole Marie Lewis
I just kind of like her. A lot.

Nicole and I have had some wonderful times together.
We got to experience Michael up close and personal, make amazing dinners together, late night chats, pep talks right before break ups, share clothing and our love for mama lamb's home cooking and holiday socks. I love Nicole. She is honestly one of the greatest examples of a true friend. She is always there and still loves me after knowing how dorky I can be. (I make her laugh though) I love teasing her and her fuzz head. But mostly about boys. hehe.

I'm sure gonna miss this woman when she treks off into a new chapter of her life...But I want her to know that she will always remain one of my best friends and Nicole, I look up to you so much and admire your love and friendship towards others. As cheesy as this sounds, you honestly have changed my life and I'm so glad I've been able to live with you these past 3 years.
I love you!

You're beautiful Nicole!


  1. as you know this made me whole entire day, in fact i almost cried when i read it... i love you!