Monday, July 20, 2009


Aren't they such a good looking group?!

I might be bias, but these counselors are the bomb!
We had a big group, 3 girl counselors and 2 boys. It was awesome!

So, as most of you know I had the amazing opportunity to be a counselor at EFY this past week and honestly, amazing doesn't do it justice! I LOVED it! These youth were and are incredible and I didn't expect to learn so much from them. The other counselors there have become some of my best friends and I'm very fortunate that the majority of them live in Logan and the surrounding cities.
I had always loved EFY as a participant. In fact, I went all four years! But I have to say it's a thousand times better being a counselor. It's like graduating from high school and starting college. ha. get analogy, I know. I loved being able to be COMPLETELY crazy and having the kids follow along. Luckily, my girls loved me! I'm not saying that in a prideful way at all, but they were incredible. Every girl in my group clicked from the very begging. Maybe it was the laffy taffy I passed out to lighten the mood while going over EFY rules and standards, but whatever it was, it worked :)
I'll have to tell you all more about EFY in a later time this week. I've got to run and go do some things right now. But stay tuned for more exciting stories and a sneek peak at just how AWESOME being a counselor is! If you ever have the chance to do it, DO IT! I promise you won't want the week to end and you'll find yourself seriously considering adding more sessions.

I love you upon the rock!

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