Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm excited to go back to LOGAN because...

I miss my roommates more than ever. Really. They're all incredible people and I probably don't even deserve them to be honest. They have changed my life and I thank them for that. Hopefully one day I can truly show them how much they mean to me. We all go through hard times and sometimes push those who are most important to us away because we don't want to be considered "weak" in their eyes and I'm afraid I sorta did that spring semester to some of these girls. I love them so much. They mean the world to me and I can't believe how lucky I got to have them in my life. God truly places people where others need them, and I know that he did that for me. Without these girls I don't know where I'd be. We've gone through a lot and I still love them more than ever! fall semester..please come faster so I can squeeze these gorgeous girls again.

We had the most amusing time taking our Christmas pictures last year. Or at least I did. Flin on the other hand was getting pretty tussled because we couldn't focus to just take a picture. I think that night we all had the Weller curse with picture taking. Oh, and look at Candace! I can almost hear her rascal cackle through the face she is making. haha. I love it.

Oh how I love this girl! She is so hysterical with the things she says and does. Her Eggo's, her berry juice, watching seasons of friends at a time. She always kept us intrigued with her Caitlin logic. 70, I love you.

Mama flin. She probably finds it a tiny bit annoying we all say she's the mom of us all. But she kind of is. Emily Flinders is the most perfect person I've ever met. And I'm being serious. She's incredibly intelligent and I'm quite jealous of her mad dance skills. Honestly, she always made me want to be a better person. Better at visiting teaching, better cook, better organization, a better friend.
Best. roomie. ever. Sade is the cutest thing. We had some weird times, but I would never give them up. She understood my immensely lame humor and laughed when no one else did. She's the greatest! I'm going to miss having our late night chats, waking up to her laughing in her sleep, her adorable indie style, and our venting sessions for just about everything. She's my best friend.

Huss. hahaha. Oh man, she's so wonderful. I love her hatred towards certain people, the way she can always make anyone laugh, no matter how bad of a mood you're in. Her usher impersonations are one in a million. I'll have to post some of those videos.
This girl right here became one of my very good friends. She's so funny and doesn't let people walk over here. I truly admire that about her. I love her dearly.
what to even say about Sian. I look up to her in every way. Honestly. She's hysterical and I only wish to be as awesome as she is with her Beyonce singing. Don't they look like the same person? I will admit, I have mistaken Sian for Beyonce quite a few number of times when I hear If I were a boy. I looooooooooove her.
Hay hay is gorgeous. I've always been jealous of her. She's funny with her swearing habit, and her funny stories about what happens when she goes running.. (some of you might know what I'm talking about) haha.
Nicole Leona Lewis. Wow. This girl is my love. Seriously. Besides of my envious feelings towards her perfect skin tone, her long, healthy, thick, beautiful hair, and her scrap booking talents, I love her. A lot. We've had some awesome nights just the two of us learning dances, making Christmas cookies, and just talking for hours on end. She's amazing. Really. I only wish I could be half the person she is. I owe a lot to her.
and rascal. Save the best for last. She completes my life! Who knew. Brian Simmons once told me that me and Candace would get along. He was dead on. I love this girl probably more than I love Federer or Michael Buble. She makes me laugh so so hard and I love her little laugh. It's addicting. She's a freaking genius too and right now resides in Spain where I hope she will fulfill my wish and go hook up with some fine piece of Spaniard. she's bueno.

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  1. kij, that was hysterical. i was just laughing. :) the picture of me is one in a million- and quite embarrassing i might add. couldn't you have found one that i didn't looked stoned or something? :) ha ha. love you. great blog update... and i promise this week i'll update mine. love your guts!