Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long awaited post

I've been slacking, I'm aware. This summer has been insane to say the least! I've had the best of times though between EFY, country dancing, and hanging in Logan with the new peeps. I love it! I've loved getting to know new people and build more friendships with them. The people I have met from EFY this summer are incredible and have completely changed my life. They make me want to be a better person. For real yo! All my sessions of EFY have been phenomenal and I wish it weren't over! The youth are amazing and continue to amaze me! I Love it! I love them!

Here's a list of things that I need to discuss in future posts.. So remind me. haha.
1. EFY Ogden 6
2. R.I.P. GMC Jimmy, Hello Frank the ford focus!
3. My grills.
4. work
5. friends
6. dates

yesum. I'll post more tomorrow, I'm quite tired right now. peace, love, and jada. That's all you need.

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