Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my best friends wedding.

WELL! There she goes, she's gone. :) Larissa got married last Friday and I've never attended something more perfect in my life. Seriously though, the weather was perfect, the food was perfect, the temple was perfect, and the company was even better!! While we were waiting for Jamo and Riss to come out of the Logan temple as husband and wife, my heart was pounding harder than I thought it even could. I was so excited for and Jamo! They are adorable!! Congrats my friend:) So besides the fact of locking my keys in my car at the reception and having to drive all the way back to Centerville from Morgan, and then back up to Morgan to retreive my car, It was a perfect day!! :)

Jody Nicole, myself, and Sade waiting outside the temple for the newly married couple of joy.

aren't they just so adorable!

us :)

We were really excited. haha.

Awwwww... :) my heart..


  1. Best day ever. Incredible food, Jody staying at our apartment, one adorable couple practically glowing when they came out of the temple, banana cream pie and a fancy limo. Well done Riss, well done. :) And cute blog Kj! I was so checking everyday for these pictures haha.

  2. love it! we are so cute. is that the picture that sade took of us from misha's camera? SO CUTE!