Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why friends are like tampons..

It's been quite a while now and I figured some pretty exciting things have taken place that I should tell the world about. Ok actually not really, but It seems to have been exciting, at least to me.

Well to start off, you're probably wondering why the title of my blog is "why friends are like tampons". I'll tell you, in edited form, to spare some of you peeps. Well anyways, back to why it's called that. Once upon a time I had a lovely caring loud roommate named Rascal, Candace Weller. It came the time where her date of birth was fastly approaching; and me, being dumb, can't ever ever EVER think of what to get people for their birthdays. Even when I ask all they say is, "Kij, don't worry about it. I don't need anything!" well of course they're lying.. dirty kid. Anyways, so I somewhat forgot about her birthday because it had already past, and she was home for the time being so it was kind of hard to not have little rascal so intensely making her self noticeable by how loud she can be, that I just had forgotten. Not about her, just the whole problem of me not knowing what to get the little squirt. So yesterday, being April 8, I finally told myself that enough was enough. I HAD to get her something, and fast seeing how her birthday was March 28. (I'm still sorry about the belated birthday candace, I still love you)

So I'm trying to think of things to get her and all that came to mind was sport shorts, sports bras, or a tin water bottle. Exciting, I'm aware. But really, that's all she ever really wears. Not in a bad way whatsoever. In fact, I have now caught on to her ways and I'll never look back! :) So Sian and I made a very unproductive trip to sports authority where I kept finding things I wanted. Bad news.. But don't worry. I refrained from buying myself anything! But still looking out for things for Candace. I saw many sports bras but then thought, that might be a little weird.. what if I get her the wrong size and she takes offense to it? I couldn't possibly take that chance. So then I had this brilliant idea...(MEN: I am not held responsible if you feel awkward or uncomfortable from this moment on. If you don't want to take the chance to feel weird feelings and might be embarrassed reading this, then STOP NOW! but if you are care free and mature and can handle things that girls talk about.. then proceed:)).. back to my story.. So then I had this brilliant idea. Tampons. Every girl could always use more tampons. I mean, let's be truthful here. I then had decided that that was what I was going to give her. Later that night I drive on over to Wal-Mart blasting Kelly Clarksons "My life would suck without you" with the windows rolled part way down, because after all I still live in Logan... it's a little brisk at times.

While I'm buying the tampons I proceed to think of how to explain myself when I had her the box. Then I thought, hey! I'll write some reasons down as to why friends are like tampons. It turned out pretty hysterical I thought. So here they are!

Just a few reasons why friends are like tampons:
#1. Friends come in all different shapes and sizes
#2. They will be there for you through heavy times and the lite.
#3. You should always have them on hand
#4. You can never have enough
#5. They provide great protection
#6. They know your insides better than you do (Sade helped on that one)
#7. When you don't have any, it's embarrassing
#8. They are always there for you in your time of need
#9. They will always stick through even the nastiest of times
#10. They'll make sure you won't lose your virginity
#11. When you use them for too long they get upset.
#12. They will go with you to every party
#13. They will be understanding and stick around even on the worst days
#14. They are pretty on the outside and do wonders within
#15. You never have to show them off because you always know they're with/in you.

Well team, there you have it. If you have ever wondered if friends could be compared to tampons, it just got proven that they can. In many ways. And probably more than I would like to think of so that's why I left it at that. If any of you girls have no idea what to get your girl friends, feel free to use this idea. I promise it will not fail you.


  1. HAHA!! Oh gosh, Kj, I love you and your creativity. Will you get me some tampons for my birthday? Its all I really want.

  2. Hey now, I so came up with #8 too! Haha I love you Kj.

  3. Kjarinda!! are so fabulous. I lub you!