Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Temples. What would we do without them?

So in all seriousness this isn't going to be one of my "get people laughing and believing I'm an incredibly funny and hysterical person" post. This is more serious. Lately I've been attending the temple a lot more than I have in the past little while. Weather it be getting in the Jimmy, driving past the Logan temple for a total of 4 minutes or doing baptisms in temples I haven't been in yet; I've grown a lot and come to know a better understanding of things that have been happening in my life.

I've always been a regular church-goer, pray, read my scriptures. But lately something inside me has changed. In a good way. I don't even think I can explain it on this lovely blog of mine, but all I know is there isn't any place better than the temple. I've had some remarkable experiences in the past couple weeks by attending the temple and I can't seem to get enough of it! For example... Cooper, Sjhawn and myself had the incredible opportunity to attend the Salt Lake temple a couple of Fridays ago. I had never been to the Salt Lake temple which is unbelievably sad because I've lived a short 15 minutes away from it my entire life! I fell in love. I really believe that is the temple I want to be sealed for time and all eternity with my husband when that day comes. It's phenomenal!!! The spirit was so strong, the people so so nice (they could tell it was my first time because I apparently looked rather lost and confused, which I was) and I just love the feeling you get once you take your first step inside the temple. It honestly is as if you just walked into a whole different world. The glowing hallways, perfectly white carpets, the enjoyable silence, the peace. It's so neat! Cooper, Sjhawn and I spent a long time in temple square that day and I didn't want to go home. I felt such a strong sense of peace come over me, which is just what I needed at that time in my life.

I don't know where I would be without this gospel, I don't want to even imagine where I would be. I love where I am. I love that even though I'm not perfect, I can be made perfect through Christ. One day I will be perfect. Over these past couple of years and defiantly since I've been away to college, I have truly been blessed to say that Christ is my best friend. I couldn't ask for anything more. If I were to lose everything I have, I know it would all end up ok because of my knowledge of the love Christ and Heavenly Father have for me. Through prayer I have come to know I am heard. They do care. And they do answer. They know me. They know what is best for me. And I know that when I am doing what I am supposed to be doing that they look down on me with bliss and let me know I'm doing what is right by the spirit I feel in my life. Even when it's hard, I know I'll be blessed. Satan is a smart man. He knows how to bring us down and make families fall apart. But I know that if we pray to our father, he will help us over come the temptations Satan puts before us. D and C 10:5.

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  1. Kjarinda, You are as amazing as all these beautiful temples!