Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reminicing? ..memories are great to look back upon.

So for the past..uh.. I'd say hour or so, I've been going through facebook photos and had some good laughs on the random eventful times that have taken place in my past. I just love nights like these where you turn on good acoustic music, get a big glass of water, and look at old pictures that stir up old memories.
I don't think I've looked at these pictures for quite some time, and tonight was great. I was reminding of a few wonderful events that are so great, they deserve to be shared with you; even if they are some of those "you sorta had to be there" moments.

#1. I came across a picture of Britny Mortensen filling up her car because it ran out of gas on the way to Camille's house. Mind you it was very very late at night. Like possibly around 12 ish? I'm not very sure. But it was quite the adventure helping her out. Oh, she's wonderful.

#2. New York City, the Big apple. Wow! It's crazy to think that right now this years Viewmont high madrigals are there. I miss NYC so much. Even the night I publicly threw up in the hall of the hotel. Let's just say that moment was the talk for the rest of the week. Was I embarrassed? yeah, slightly. But then I rolled with the punches and laughed along, because after all it is pretty funny. Completely disgusting, but still very humours.

#3. Viewmont Tennis. Wow! I never thought I'd miss something so so much! I fell completely in love with all those girls and wish I could just squeeze their little hearts out next time I see them. We had awesome times as a team. Skinny dipping in St. George, quoting sidney's "sick shot paige" every day, only playing queen of the court and defender at practice, how when you were late to practice Coach Nick made you run from the VHS courts all around the school and back, Coach Nicks last famous words, "BATTLE YOU MIGHTY VIKING WOMAN", Jasmine getting upset with Coach Nick numerous times every day, Bus rides with our cute little snacks, supporting each other through everything, especially at State when Sid had some heartbreaking news that morning but still played her little soul out on that tennis court. It was wonderful! I will always been influenced by those girls and wish they knew just how much I really love them!

#4. Madrigal Christmas shows. Wow.. talk about INSANE! 23 shows in 4 weeks.. that yells good times. Especially because by about the 6th show everyone was exhausted plus already starting to get annoyed with one another.

#5. All those crazy summer nights. Chalking, bonfires, etc

#6. Making a music video to Picture to Burn. wonderful.. and how none of us could lite our paper on fire but Whitney.

#7. Dance parties at Britny Mortensens house. And her wonderful dress ups. :)

#8. Our game of "blow the ping pong across the table" at Stacie Hymas's house. That could entertain us for hours on end, but without a doubt always leave us with the worst headache.

#9. Senior trip. Wow! Great times! Laying out every single day, playing in Mexico, hearing stories of Stacie, Amanda, and Camille getting hit on by nasty nasty men, getting Virgin drinks and
really feeling mature, spying on extremely gross old couples dancing by the pool and taking pictures of them and so much more.

#10. Graduating and all night party.

#11. Snow fun with Stacie and Britny. We're really just the coolest people you'll ever meet. And just wait until we're all together, then it's a real party. We would drive around for HOURS during Christmas break looking for blow up toys to go take pictures with. And oddly enough, we never got sick of it. Even to this day!

#12. Just being with everyone. There was never a dull moment when we all got together, we shared embarrassing stories, laugh attacks, heartbreaks, new loves, everything. I love you all! so much!

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  1. Ew. High School. Haha do you not have any good college memories?