Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When in Logan and it's cold... We get creative.

Logan, Ut 84321 tends to be a bit under the weather... all winter long. The weather here defiantly has PMS or something because you never know how nice or cold it will be outside. But we still love it. We find ways to keep our little body(s) warm in the death of this below freezing weather.
Way #1:
We like to sleep together. 'Nough said. :) When cold, we gather in dear little rascals, Candace Weller, bed to get warm and in this particular picture, catch a bit of shut eye snooze. Sadie, Nicole, and my hysterical self wanted to see what Candace would do when she came home and we were all sleeping in her bed. *BACKGROUND* Candace has the MOST COMFOTABLE BED THAT HAS EVER BEEN SLEPT ON IN THIS WORLD. Ok, maybe not ever, but it's pretty close. It's immensley ranked high on my list of most comfortable beds that I've slept on, and I've slept on my fair share of beds. Take that as you will. :) So while us 3 incredibly good-looking single women were trying to get warm on the comfy bed of doom, we all ended up falling asleep waiting for Candace. Mind you, we were laying in her bed for a good hour or so before she even got home. We didn't realize it would take her that long but then again, we didn't mind:) She walked in and started laughing, which woke me up.. Fiddle sticks. She franticly started to photograph us while chatting on the phone. (she's always on the phone) But long story short, it was AMAZING.

Way #2: Drink LOADS of hot chocolate or better yet, Gingerbread Carmel Steamers from the one and only Starbucks. Best thing yet. If you haven't tried one, you deserve to die. . :)

Way #3: Steal Caitlins space heater.

Way #4: Wear every article of clothing that happens to be in your closet. Then when you get warm you sing :" It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes, I am getting so hot I'm gonna take my clothes off":

Way #5: Just stop caring. Sometimes no matter what you do, you still FREEZE. so get over it.

So this is it. My dear friend Philip David Lemperle has left for the MTC today, Feb. 4, 2009. He is such a remarkable man. I'm very proud of everything he has accomplished and will accomplish in the mission field. He has always been able to put a smile upon the lovely face of mine. We had some hysterical times and I'm sad those will be postponed for a bit. I wish him well and all the luck and blessings. He is one of the most amazing
examples of a friend and example of Christ that I know. He'll do phenomenal and he'll touch peoples lifes in ways they can't even imagine. Thanks for your friendship Philip. I love you buddy!

Frankly, Sian is the best. at everything. She loves playing footsies with certain people. but all and all, she's a wonderful person.

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  1. How many beds HAVE you slept on Kjarinda? Dirty. Is there something you need to tell me?