Saturday, January 31, 2009

So this past weekend has been very fun-filled and exciting. Dear Stacie Hymas arrived to Logan on Friday night and we partied like the old days. She's a wonderful person. We went and experienced Sushi for the first time and I will admit, oddly enough I didn't mind it! The "french kiss" roll was quite disgusting though. You'd think it'd be good.. But the name failed the actually sushi roll. Oh well. At least I'm cultured now. My mother would be so proud of me.

After sushi we went and hooked up with Jared and Dusty along with the lovely women of apt. 27. They light up my life more so than a freshly lit candle. But anywho. Two of Dusty's friends came up to our humble abidement and stayed the night with Dusty and Jared. They're funny people. Kurt and Matt. Kurt is Jordan Groff's twin. They even talk the same. Creeps... We went and attempted to clean the oh so dreaded sink at Angies just so we could get some stupid little sticker for our car that says "I cleaned the sink at Angies." Now for some of you, you wouldn't want to "clean a sink" although it was rather amusing watching everyone look like they're about to burst into little things. But now that you might be a bit dazzled as to why we would "clean a sink" I'll fill you in on what it really is. There's a sink, naturally, filled FULL of ice cream goodness and if you clean it out you get a lovely unique bumper sticker that you never see on any other car up here in cold city Central, Logan Utah. You're first natural reaction when you get the sink is like a little kid on Christmas morning, going crazy with your wide eyes and drool running down your chin. But after that whole excitement of 5 minutes passes, you start to feel sick. So sick. On your DEATH BED sick. yucky.. Sadly enough we got 2 sinks and couldn't finish them. Oh well. I don't recommend it to be honest, it's not worth wanting to throw up a zillion times.

After our cleaning the sink escapade, we came back to our place and played some awesome card games which I'm pretty sure Jared and Stacie cheated at but they don't like to admit it. We'll forgive them. Eventually. Everyone is special. Then we ended up watching the Prestige, which is an immensely confusing video. Plus I was half asleep when we started it in the first place, but did our fun end after the movie? Oh, of course it didn't. Sian, Stacie, Jared and my incredible self watched the Simpson Movie. Jared laughed because it was funny. Stacie laughed also. Funny things just make people laugh. Long story short Stacie and I didn't end up going to bed until 6 am this morning and woke up at 10am. It's been an exciting day! I watched How to lose a guy in 10 days for the first time today and i Loved it! What have I been missing out on all my freaking life?? ....let's not answer that question, i'm sure there's a ton. Then Stacie left... My heart broke the moment she got into the drivers seat. I miss her dearly. She's the most amazing woman on this whole earth. Nose goes.

Caitlin, Nicole, Sade and myself all just got back from Olive Garden and we are now all about 40 pounds heavier than when we entered those doors. Yucky...

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  1. Oh, my dearest Kjarinda, what a magical weekend we spent together! I'm looking forward to many similar weekends to come. Soon. Real soon.