Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jazz.. What a wonderful thing.

My roommate Nicole, formally known as Leona, was so kind to let me know that I haven't updated my blog for a couple of days. So here I be. Updating the Blog!

An insane amount of things have happened over the past week or so and I don't even know where to begin.. Wednesday was Dear Emily's birthday!! She's seriously the greatest person I have ever met and I probably don't tell her enough. She's absolutely beautiful and incredibly loving. I love her. A lot. A lot. So we took her to the Jazz and Lakers game for her birthday and by jolly, it was INTENSE! I thought for sure the Jazz would lose, not because I don't have faith in them, but merely because it was the Lakers they were playing. Plus we didn't have Boozer or Kirilenko and Williams wasn't doing too great in the free throws towards the end of the game. But I forigve him because me and D Will have the same birthday. June 26. Eat it. :) He's a lovely man. Caitlins parents were so kind as to get us VIP tickets for dinner and the half time snack. It was incredible! We even got this free Jazz hat when you first walked in. Talk about legit! The food was phenomenal and the company was even better. Nicole's cousin, Hayden, and one of the waiters that worked there became instant best friends. I believe his name was Rico? Alfred? Stephen? I don't remember.

We were so fortunate to also be sitting in the middle of a ton of Laker fans which was alright by Hayden and Sian. I'm pretty much positive that we were the only 6 in the whole section to be completely Sober. One Laker fan about 5 rows down from us, on the other hand, wasn't as fortunate. He got up and started yelling at the Jazz fans behind him saying, "Dumb Salt Lake, they eat snowballs. F you." It was quite hysterical. I mean come on, Snow balls?? Get real. That was so elementry and even at that, we would get introuble from the gound duites if we were caught eating snow. I was deprived as a child, I'm aware.

The outcome of the game was completely unexpected and so was what was to come. Sian got in a fight with an old man and I almost fell down the stairs I was laughing so hard. I would have taken a picture to document that moment and put it up, but I was a little preoccupied trying not to die and humiliate myself in front of thousands of people. Go Jazz!

Happy Valentines day to everyone! Single or taken. Sade had the lovely idea of having today be National NCMO day. Which I agreed. So from here on out, Valentines day is NCMO day as well. Go get 'em tiger.


  1. Kij, that was the most hysterical post i have ever read! It was a fantastic night wasn't it? :) GO JAZZ!

  2. Hahaha Kij, best post EVER. I'm glad you guys had fun :)