Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just because you're the president, doesn't mean you can cancel American Idol...

Once again, Leona has been so kind as to inform me my blog skills are slacking. I'm here to prove her wrong.
Today is dear Sade Jane's birthday. She's 19 but defiantly act like a 3 year old. (Sorry Brandon) :) She has been with her dear mother most of the day and at this moment in time, she is up boarding the Beav. Beaver mountain that is. It is our ward Ski and Snowboard night at Beaver and I'm quite jealous that she is up there. Oh well. I'm over it. Bless her heart

Sian just got quite mad at Leona, just three seconds ago. And I laughed quite humorously. It was grand. Anyways. Sian is the best. The best at singing songs about One Tree Hill, the best at singing Beyonce, the best looking. She's practically perfect.

Ward Ice Skating night was AAAAWWW-SOME!! I decided that night that my new passion in life is to become a figure skater, and I will do it. I PRACTICALLY did a 740. Although the landing was a little rusty, but that's nothing practice can take care of. ;) Cooper thought he was really good at ice skating but then every time I looked at him he almost fell. Props to Coop.

First of all, this just came to my mind. Although I am an American and should support President Obama, I was quite disappointed and upset that his speech took over the time of American Idol. I was patiently awaiting American Idol since last week and no, Obama just had to boot it off. I was livid, upset, demanding him to get off the effing TV. And on top of American Idol being over-looked, all the annoying stupid people kept standing up and clapping at every little thing Obama said, right in the middle of his sentences. Talk about annoying. I wanted to go sit on their shoulders, every single one of them, so they would just let the freaking man SPEAK! Hopefully huss and sian don't read this .. their love for Obama is more than anything. Creeps me out! ... Well now that that is out of my system, Life is grand:)

I did baptisms at the Logan temple for the first time every yesterday and I loved it. They have it down to a simple system over there and it's somewhat overwhelming for a first timer. I felt bad asking them where everything was but they are all so sweet and adorable, I wanted to talk to them. :) Bless their lovely kind hearts. :) I also get the chance to do baptisms at the Salt Lake temple on Friday! I've never been there either and it is my most favorite place to walk around. So SO pretty. I will get married in that temple one day. Hopefully sometime. :)

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  1. Shouldn't that have been 'acts' like a 3 year old? Least I can use the English language properly. Silly.