Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blogging, isn't it about... Time?

Well, here I am. Blogging. I'm not sure how well this will turn out seeing how my life is not as mystical as others, but I'm sure it will be of some source of entertainment to some. I also believe that this "blogging" will easily take place of my educational study periods. So feel special that I'll end up dropping out of college just to put in a few words for my fellow peers to read.

Day 1:
So to catch you up on everything, Utah State has treated me well. We're pretty much best friends, Utah State and I. Although the bitter cold of Logan hasn't been my favorite, I've been able to survive with the help of a few things:
-soccer socks: they keep your feet mighty warm, as well as a good portion of your leg. I prefer the Dri-Fit soccer socks from Nike. They won't fail you. Try it.
-TMNT fruit snacks. Seriously can't go wrong with those.
-Lovely Apt. #27. They're my favorite
-The Aggie Shuttle system. Without those glorious, kind, uplifting aggie shuttle bus drivers I would possibly never go to class. There's defiantly NO WAY I'd walk up that bloodly hill with ice. Nope.
- True aggie nights. 'nough said

This is the gang at the lovely Cafe Rio. Although I'm not a huge fan of Rio, I went and tried it, mostly to enjoy the company of these girls. We had some immensely good times, especially all of us watching Nicole finish her dinner. She is somewhat of a dainty eater. and "somewhat" is an understatement. We love her though. Hayley is the only hard core face puller in this picture because she's LBA. Due to being a good economic worker and trying to provide for herself, we are not able to have Riss, Huss, in our presense this night. She was deelpy missed.

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