Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wow! What a night! Aggie basketball never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday we played Nevada who happen to be ranked #2. For a while I was getting completely livid with our Aggies, (I know, I'm sorry. Aggies all the way!) but we pulled it off! 2nd half was I-N-T-E-N-S-E! unbelievable. We had been down the whole game and came back and got ahead for about the last 8 minutes of the game. We won and it was so great!

Utah State, Hey Aggies all the way!
Go aggies Go aggies
hey Hey HEY!

Other things that have happened today haven't been too eventful. Not ammusing enough to type on here. I finally got done with my english paper I totally faked my way through. Don't you just love those kinds of assignments that you can totally make up everything and still get full credit for it. Man I enjoy it! Almost as much as I enjoy Sian Smith! Oh she's such a wonderful person. I love how she laughs at all my stupid jokes and how the managers hate.. uh.. strongly dislike how loud she can be. Sian is the king at dancing, and I mean king in the nicest way. She's not a man, but she sure in heck deserves to be the KING at dancing. I'll post a video sooner or later.

It's finally FRIDAY! Dear lovely ambitious Stacie Hymas will be traveling up from BYU to play this weekend. She's pretty much the best person ever. Not joking. It'll be great to hang out with her and her lovely spirit.

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