Tuesday, November 29, 2011

not the one, move on.

I've seen this on a few blogs and thought it could be interesting, especially after the last post.

-My first impression of you was an interesting one. But I won't lie, I was intrigued. Intrigued until I found out how old you were and that you were hitting on me, a freshman. Intrigued until I found out you are a "closet scrap-booking, crocheting, pillow cross-stitching" 25 year old who then went through an advertisement for engagement rings. After gearing that boat up to sail. you did something even more interesting. You would call and sing me voice mails. Something about under water. That's when I knew you were not the one.

-We were sitting in the foyer of our apartment complex; talking, laughing, but also being serious. You gave me some weird analogy of a cliff about your love life. I was confused, but nodded my head in agreement. This is when you proceeded to tell me that you liked me and liked being with me. My heart lifted and felt a little warmer. Just then, you told me you had a girlfriend. Oh, what? The girlfriend you told me you didn't have in the first place... weird. Things just got more awkward from there when she tried calling you that night and you ignored her phone call. I knew you were not the one.

-I met you through mutual friends one night. You seemed nice and I had a good time. Somehow you got my number and would randomly text me from time to time. I didn't think anything of it until one night we went on a walk up 8th east in the mild cold. Nothing happened, but still caught me off guard. A week later I was on facebook while gaining motivation to finish a paper due in a few hours. You were online and started a conversation. A conversation I wasn't ever expecting. You asked me to attend your Mission Reunion with you in the next few days. I said I couldn't. You confessed your likeness for me. I had to go to class. That's when I knew you were not the one.

-We had met in high school and fancied each other then. Things seemed to have happened fast, which freaked me out. So I ended them. You hated me. Literally, hated. Time came and went, and over 2 years later you surprised me. Surprised me with a letter. Then surprised me with a phone call on Christmas. Then emails. A tape for my birthday. More emails. I knew I'd have a nervous breakdown when you got home. You texted me that night from your moms phone as I laid in bed, thinking about what the morning would bring. We met up. From there started dating. Things were complicated when I had a beyond full time job during the summer. You surprised me for my birthday by decorating my car. I was flattered, but also a little embarrassed when my dad teased me about it later that night. That's when I realized you were feeling it more than I was. I knew something needed to happen. I still liked you though. But through the summer I realized more I wasn't in it like you were. It was when we had 4 DTRs in a week, all initiated by you, that I knew you were not the one.

...to be continued if requested. And there are some good ones.