Friday, December 2, 2011

Let it snow, please.

I love Christmas. the smell, sound. the company and treats.

In fact, I believe that's the only thing that pushes me through finals. Just knowing that in a few short weeks I can go home and be with my family and celebrate with them, continue traditions, and seek for those darn reindeer.

*flash back*

The anticipation of the morning always deprived me of my sleep. Just knowing what I would wake up to and in hopes of getting those things I wrote carefully on my letter to Santa. Santa had always been kind to me and somehow even knew extra things I had only secretly dreamed of. I knew this night was gonna be long if I didn't try to shut my eyes and go to sleep. After all, I didn't want Santa to know I was still awake.
To my dismay, there were still no signs of Santa visiting my house yet. As I hurried back into my bed from making attempt after attempt to see if the jolly man had made his debut, I heard something unusual. It was on the roof. Tapping. I peeked my head out of my covers, almost in disturbance of the quiet harmony of the rest of the house. As I peered through the window at the soft gentle snow fall, nothing unusual caught my eye.
Just as I was reaching for my covers, I heard the noise again. But this time accompanied with the distant sound of jingle bells.
Could this really be that I think??
I hurried into my covers and pulled them ravishingly over my head. Waiting and waiting until I could hear the sound no more. Suddenly it stopped. I meticulously crawled out of bed, opened the door, and tip-toed down the what seemed never ending hallway into the front room. The glow from the Christmas tree gleamed and reflected from the carefully wrapped presents now under the tree. I felt a smile grow larger and larger on my face as I sank into the couch. I knew, right then that Santa and his reindeer had just made their stop.

p.s. did you know Santa has a twitter?
p.p.s. I wish I could be as cool as Anna James. Fact.
p.p.p.s. What are you most excited for this Christmas?


  1. i used to look for a red light in the sky (meaning rudolph's nose.)

    ANYWAY. so glad i found your blog. if you don't remember me, i'm madeline's little sister. i'm a total follower now.