Sunday, October 23, 2011

we're close to dancing

hello all.
fall break was awesome.

weekend filled with The Hills with Madeline.
a visit to provo
more Hills
girls night
and today, a 2nd visit to Martin Harris this week..
Plus an attempt to a fort

Needless to say, we need some different materials.
and to top it all off, Price of Egypt tonight.
plus.. while reading this I am listening to Michael Buble's new Christmas CD
yes, I said Christmas.
get off my back.
You would feel differently about listening to Christmas already after hearing his soothing creamy voice.

dare I say Michael makes Christmas sexy?
I just did.


  1. Let's listen to Christmas music, in the non-fort, while drinking a RB freeze, watching The Hills, in preparation for watching the new Footloose. And then stare at each other. You can do Heidi's stare. I'll do Lauren's. And then we'll get jerk boyfriends and love them anyway.

    Too far?


  2. I'm buying Michael's album. I just listened to all the previews and I'm hooked. I love Christmas music! And you.