Tuesday, October 25, 2011


today was one of those days.
ya know, the kind of days where you don't want to get out of bed.
don't want to think of school work.
choices you need to make.

today was one of those days
where everything seemed to be poking at you
poking fun
making you upset

today was one of those days
when you wished you meant something to someone
someone somewhere
where you see people in love and think, when will that happen to me

I've never felt
pretty enough,
thin enough,
smart enough,
good enough
to be worthy of something so great.

I've always had a hard time accepting compliments and believing them
a hard time loving my journey and progression
a hard time embracing all aspects of me
who God created

I try to be happy most of the time.
but sometimes fake it till you make it doesn't work.
I'm not looking for compliments.
Just encouragement.
just love

today was one of those days