Tuesday, February 16, 2010

home sick

word of caution: this post is most likely cheesy. Get over it. Thank you

so.. this one time, I felt home sick.
not just any home sick.
heavenly home sick.

is that weird?
not normal?

I don't know what it was about these past couple days, but I've really been longing to be in Heaven at this moment.
Maybe it's the stress and anxiety I have about school,
or about life in general.
but I've never wanted something so bad..
only to be back in a place that I once was so familiar with.
a place where there were no cares, no sorrows, no disappointments.
somewhere filled with loved ones;
a place where I knew everything was going to be alright.
home sick I tell you.
aching to be somewhere recognizable.
is this weird?

as these feelings have continued through the past couple days, I couldn't help but think about a poem mama lamb shared with me.

Do You Know

Do you know who you are, child of mine
so precious and dear to me?
Do you know you're a part of a great design
that is vast as eternity?
Can you think for a moment how much depends
on your holding the "Iron Rod"
Your life is forever, worlds without end
Do you know you're a child of God?

Do you know where you've been, child of mine
it's hard to recall, I know
Do you remember that home divine
with that Father who loves you so?
Do you sometimes review how he took your hand
and placed it within my own;
Saying, "Here is a child from Angel-land;
Not a gift, but a precious loan."

Do you know where you're going, child of mine?
Are your eyes on the road ahead?
Do the spires of His castle gleam and shine
where the sun grows golden red?
Are you taking enough for your journey, child
does your lamp cast a steady glow?
Can you hold your course when the storm is wild?
You will make it child, I know.

I do review my home in heaven.
numerous times daily actually.
but I sometimes wonder how I got here, to where I am..
and how it is hard to keep that perspective.
sometimes I just want to go home.
to my heavenly home...
just for a day

Then I think of how blessed we are,
student wards
general conference

When I remember these,
heaven doesn't seem far away anymore
and my mind becomes clearer
almost as if I'm remembering my heavenly home..

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