Sunday, May 6, 2012

sunday thoughts

Forgiveness is one of those things that must be learned time and time again.  Sometimes it comes easy and other times seems nearly impossible.  If there's one thing I've learned through these past few years of my life is that forgiveness is a constant action.  Sometimes I forget the action part and just do the simple, I forgive, but then unwantingly hold a grudge. I have the hardest time with this when taking in account myself.  Forgiving myself for my wrong doings, my mishaps, my mistakes, my shortcomings, people I've hurt is what seems nearly impossible. Me me me me me.
I've thought about this for weeks now.  And the only thing I can really say is how grateful I am for The Son of God, Jesus Christ, who teaches me to forgive.  He teaches me love, compassion, concern..not just for others, but also for myself.  That when I make mistakes, when I act out of anger, disappointment or pain, that there is someone I can turn to who can help me make things right.  Even if it takes a whole year.  It takes time.  It takes pain, to be truly sorry.
How grateful I am for Jesus Christ.  Giving me a second, third, and sometimes even a tenth chance to get things right.  May we all be more like The Savoir in this aspect.  People DO in fact change.  Never stop loving them or being kind to them.  Give people a chance.  And give them more than one chance.  Could you imagine if we only had ONE chance to prove ourselves?  We must start acting as Christ, in every thing we do.

Charity is forgiving someone who has wronged you.
      I hope we can all work harder on this.

I am grateful today, and every single day, for The Atonement of Jesus Christ.  For forgiving me, and helping me to forgiving others.

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