Thursday, April 19, 2012

just let it happen.

If I've learned one thing this school year it is simply that sometimes you just have to let it happen. Let things happen. Let disappointment happen. Let crying happen. Let people in happen. Don't make plans for once and just see what happens. Take chances. Be brave. Don't be afraid to have an emotional break down when you're making hard decisions.

Yesterday was one of those just let it happen days. But more on the whole breakdown end. I only cried, verbally told myself to pull it together--which made me cry more. I felt I had lost it. But you know what? I feel so much better now
. I had a grand ol' time with my good friend Madeline as we drove down Sardine Canyon headed to our home towns. We talked. I talked. She listened, reassured me that I'm alright and then we were on our way into other conversations. It was good just to talk. Release all my emotions and have it float away in the air. Thank goodness for wonderful friends.

Moral of the story, Just let it happen. Let yourself feel. Don't try to appear to be strong when you want to just curl up and cry. Just let it happen, get up, and start over.
Here's for starting over.
p.s. I will be sporting my first pair of sperry's probably for the next 78 days.

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