Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Does anyone even read this blog still?
Probably not. I have been neglecting it. But this is a post worth reading.

So remember how I told you I was going to Hawaii? Well, what seemed to be a dream came true. At least I think. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing I was there, and that this incredible place is even real. So many great things happened on this trip and I had all intentions to do a video blog every day while being there. But with lack of internet, it was a little impossible.

Uluani's Shaved ice. Let's just say this was not our only visit there.

The rainbows in Hawaii are seriously ridiculous! We at least one a day!

Jaron, Madeline, and I watching the sunset right in the middle of nudy beach and big beach.

Big beach. When you type in Maui in google, this is the beach that comes up the most. It was breathtaking!

Snorkeling. It grows on you.

Yes, Jaron is the most tan but whatever.
We're the best of friends. Having so much fun together.

I'm just awkward.

Day #1 at the beach with many many more to follow.

Don't worry. There is much much more to say about this trip. The hook ups, the inside jokes, the breaching whales, etc. So stay tuned. It's quite the time.
I had so much fun that I may or may not have already looked up flights back.

but next stop: Cabo.

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  1. So jealous!! It looks so fun! I have never been to Hawaii and want to so bad.