Monday, April 11, 2011

My Dad

Once upon a time my family went to a movie on Christmas day as a little quality time together.
We usually don't go to movies very often as a family because..
1. there is usually never anything we all agree on seeing
2. especially when it comes to my brother and I
3. we can't remember the last time dad has stayed awake in any movie, theater or at home.

Dad never stays awake. I remember going to World and The Glory with him. Yeah, he was out in 10 minutes and slept most of the movie. But we decided to go see one as a family, just to get out of the house for a bit.

Naturally we drove out to SLC and went to the Gateway, knowing exactly what movie we had in mind. Bought our tickets, and got in line for popcorn.

In the mean time, we didn't realize the theater would be so populated with people we knew from the ward. With my dad being in the Bishopric, all the teenagers and little kids came up to talk to him. And this is where it gets good.

little girl in the ward: "Brother Lambert! What movie are you guys going to see?!"
dad: "Oh, Tinkled!"
little girl laughs and says: "Tinkled? You mean tangled?.."
dad: "ha. Yes. That must be what it's called...It's the one about Rumpelstiltskin"
little girl laughs even harder: "You mean Rapunzel?..."
dad sheepishly: "..yeah.."

I love my dad. Funny thing is he was completely serious. Bless his heart. We still laugh about it.

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