Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Christin got married last Friday, and boy was it a party! I think that was the main theme of last week--getting married. Clearly I was not on the ball with that one. But nonetheless it was beautiful! It was so much fun to be together with all the girls again and to be with Christin and Taylor on their special day. They literally are perfect for each other.

(before I switched the lighting on this picture, the only thing you could see of Sian was her pearly whites. But no body whatsoever. I guess it happens in the dark when you're black. At least this time there weren't any bikes around.)

Nicole was the fortunate one to catch the flowers. Although, I'm not sure if "catch" is the most appropriate word in this situation. It was more like they happened to bash her. Rather forcefully. Right on the noggin. It was a good laugh for the rest of us, but looks like she's next!


  1. love this! love you! cannot wait to see you!!!

  2. oh my i look like a creep in that picture! and yes, you got the description right... they bashed me rather forcefully in the head. :)