Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Michael Bublé

Ok. I know, I know.
I've been slacking.
But in all reality, I was just trying to create loads of suspense for this post...

...did it work?

As we all know, I'm in love with Michael Steven Bublé
He is my everything.
With him I am never lost.
He gives me crazy love, and lots of it.
I just want him to be home with me.
...ok and I'm done...

But March 31st was by far the greatest day of my entire life. Nicole and I went to the E-center to enjoy ourselves some incredibly dang good looking and somber singing, Michael.
And oh boy! He was incredibly good looking in his suit and tie.. singing nice melodious songs.. stole my heart from the moment he opened his show with Cry Me A River.
(now every time I listen to this particular song, I always picture Michael's silhouette leading the band in the back ground.)

He continued to melt our hearts by singing all of my favorite songs and more.
a few he played..
Haven't Met You Yet
Crazy Love
a crazy awesome Michael Jackson impersonation
That's Life
How Sweet It Is
At This Moment
and many many more.

Speaking of the Michael Jackson song he did...
Check it out... here!

At one point in the night we were precisely two feet away from Mr. Buble.
Needless to say, I love him!
I will see him again
no matter the cost!

Michael, If you read this....

Marry me?? Let me make you happy!

You mean happiness to me..
say it's me that you adore
I am your everything, you just haven't met me yet.

p.s. I tried uploading a video probably 7 times, no can do apparently.. I'll try again some other day.. and hopefully it'll work. Cause I would like Michael to sing to you...

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