Friday, April 23, 2010

I want to be a part of it...

New York, New York
Spring Break came and went way too fast (so did this past month and a half I've been meaning to inform you on my adventures in the big apple) but nonetheless, It was a well needed break from school and extremely nice to see my 2 peeps that are exploring the east coast. Although the rain put a DAMPer on things, did it get us down? NO! It made it all the more fun!

Britny and I walking around the streets passing time for Candace to come

reunited again

we paid our friend Tim Burton a visit.
He's just as messed up as I remember him, if not more


times square

our ticket to happiness! aka the farriswheel in Toys R' Us

beautiful black man, Brit's boy, that we saw and met at stomp. He was incredible!

I've been inspired to star in my own stomp

Tom Hanks played on did we. That pretty much makes us famous.

took a trip to D.C.

My adorable tour guide

ultimate joy

I look like a sister missionary...

spent some time in jail

U.S. OPEN anyone?? Arthur Ashe Stadium!

St. Patties day in NY... craziest thing ever. Try 10 am and everyone is already wasted.

Other important things:

"Hi Blond-ie"
Chicago Musical
Obama condoms
seeing Obama at the white house
Metro = Space Mountain
China Town
Spinach Artichoke Pizza
Subway Rats
Juniors Cheesecake
Plaza Hotel
Green M & M's
Stardust Diner

Thanks Brit for letting me stay with you! Can I come again soon?? :)

P.S. stay tuned for Michael in all his glory.


  1. I saw Stomp in Texas. They pretty much rock my knee-highs!

  2. this is a fantastic post. oh the memories.

    and yes.