Thursday, January 14, 2010

let's get out of this town tonight

so.. I need to get out of Utah.

really badly. I need to get out and explore the world while I actually can. There are so many places I want to go and oddly enough, I feel like I don't have time. Which I don't. Or at least I won't once I get married and such. So as of right now I have 3 goals. And I will do all I can to make these happen.

1-Go to Jerusalem with Brother Maughn and his group he takes every summer.

2-Visit Linda in London. Which then includes walking onto center court at the Wimbeldon. Enter through the same doors that Roger Federer, the Williams sisters, and many more have so eagerly stepped through in hopes to become the new champion.

3-Serve in Ecuador. Kelsie and Camille have both had this chance and I've only heard praising things of that opportunity from them since.

I want to travel. More than I ever have before. I would also like to go to Dublin and experience the Irish traditions and accents. But we'll save that one for later. Much later.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about what to do with my life. School is important but for some reason I've been feeling it's ok to take breaks. It's ok to go and do things while I'm young. I want to give my life to serving in one way or another. I want to be a performing missionary in Navuoo. I want to go on a mission one day. I want to visit church sites and expand my knowledge on the teachings and history of the church. Most importantly, I want to give my life to the Lord. I've never felt more desire to do so until this year.

Jerusalem inspired by her adventures in the Holy Land.


  1. Kjarinda!

    Dear friend, go for it. All of it. Yes, education is important. Blah, blah, and all that. Do it while you can! And send me a post card when you do :)

    Leah Nelson

  2. You HAVE to go to Jerusalem! Keep that number one on your list. It's the best place in the entire world! I never want to go home, four months is far too short. If you go, transfer to BYU so you can go with them and stay in the center, also known as the palace. It's definitely the best way to go!