Wednesday, September 30, 2009

and so it begins.

I've dreaded this day.
I've tried to prepare myself.
late night pep talks,
quotes of encouragement,
memories from last year.
And it all came down to one moment,
and all my hard work was gone..

I have two words for you my friends,
two words..

Logan weather.

Yes, you might be laughing. But mind you, this is no laughing matter. I knew a day like today was going to come soon. I saw the signs. The leafs changing beautiful warm colors of fall all around campus, the slightly brisk canyon breeze in the morning walking up the hill, and most importantly... the weather man told me so.

Yesterday it was an incredibly divine 85 degrees. Which might even been a little too hot for my liking at this time of the year. But alas, it was wonderful. No jacket. Just a nice short sleeve shirt that will now be seeing the back of my closet until next June. And what do I wake up to find today? Rain. Snow. And all of the in between.

Don't get me wrong, I love the rain and the nice cool mist it brings. But on rainy days, I like to sit in the comfort of my apartment, with my best friends, sipping some apple cider while watching Friday Night Lights in some old but still incredibly satisfying sweats. That's what I like to do on rainy days. Not high-tail it up to campus, trying hard fit myself and my backpack under a well used umbrella while also trying to breath air that won't freeze in my lungs.

It's just days like these that make me scared for another winter in Logan, UT. But alas, I chose it. I always knew I'd have death by hypothermia.

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